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About This Project

Merry Ann has put sales oomph into everything from food to tires to mineral water to gear for sweaty cyclists. Some examples of how we bring products to life through compelling copy in the right brand voice…

Buckboard Provisioning Co. logo

  • Descriptions of bread mixes, teas and coffee, snacks and more in an original food product line
  • Silver Addy Award for packaging and copywriting
  • Based on fascinating characters and places from the Old West

Award-winning food packaging

Buckboard Provisioning Co. website screenshot

Award-winning storytelling food packaging

Award-winning storytelling food packaging

Les Schwab Tires logo

  • Descriptions of 65 tires for the West’s largest independent tire dealer
  • Copy tailored to product tiers and buyer personas

Les Schwab Tires product description - Wintercat


LS tires product description - MT


Les Schwab Tires product description - Proxes



Project Summary

Merry Ann's copywriting has helped sell tires, high-end guitars, riding breeches, a line of 27 food products, mineral water, gear for sweaty cyclists and more. See a few examples of product copywriting that sings.

B2C Marketing
copywriting, Product descriptions