You’ve got a product, a service, an innovation, a stalemate. I’ll tell your story.

Content marketing and communications strategyI’ve worked with agencies serving some of the world’s biggest companies. And small businesses that need scrappy, on-demand marketing.

The fundamentals are the same: Aligning messages with business goals, analytics and the brand. Distilling complexity so content is easy for users to understand. Wrapping what you want to say in stories that people remember.

I help enterprises, startups, agencies, government, small businesses and NGOs reach, engage and convert audiences, no format or platform too far. With multichannel marketing, branding, content strategy and copywriting that make you memorable.

6 Reasons You’ll Love Working with Us

  1. Stop worrying about short deadlines and fine details. We do that.
  2. Strategic and creative and tactical. In one.
  3. A network of truly great video, design, SEM, SEO and web dev pros.
  4. Big and small business. Policy. Startups. Got you covered.
  5. A nice habit of making people look good to their bosses.
  6. We get our own coffee.

What We’re Paid to Do

Content Marketing0%
Content Strategy0%
Branding / Word Marks / Taglines0%
SEO Copywriting0%
Strategic Messaging0%
Yes, that’s 110%.  Because that’s what you’ll get.
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Merry Ann Moore

Content Marketer

A recruiter once called my background eclectic. I’m still waiting for LinkedIn to offer up a certification or badge for this. Because it’s a superpower. It’s made me a quick study, fast to onboard. It allows me to see the problems to be solved from many perspectives. And to cross-pollinate projects with lessons and ideas from disparate industries and organizations.

I’ve worked as a corporate marketing specialist for a mortgage finance company, a freelance journalist, a PR account rep serving consumer product and professional services clients, co-founder of an ecommerce startup, and an on-demand content marketer. While my core clientele is for B2B tech companies like an AI data analytics startup, I’ve supported forest collaboratives working to improve forest management, a $1B+ automotive retailer, and an education consultancy focused on equity.

Moore Creative Strategies is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) in the State of Oregon. I’m a longtime activist on environmental, education and gun safety issues, and a leader in swing state legislative electoral politics. I’ve helped direct communications for three successful school tax measures, was a founding board member of a grassroots land use group, served on the executive committees for Sierra Club groups in Oregon and California, and chaired the San Francisco group.

And if you’d like to talk about European or art history, I’ve got the Harvard diploma to show I can do that, too. In French. No ChatGPT required.

Clients Present & Past

Deloitte & Touche
University of Kentucky College of Law
Les Schwab Tire Centers
Urban Institute
City of San Francisco Recycling Program
Kraft General Foods
Sun Microsystems
Electric Power Research Institute
U.S. Forest Service
Proxense Proximity Technologies
Bent Pixels
San Diego County Dept. of Public Works
Deschutes County Substance Abuse Prevention Program
Cascade Culinary Institute at Central Oregon Community College

Exceed Enterprises
Chalkboard Project
Albertazzi Law Firm
Destination DesignWorks
Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project
Ochoco Forest Restoration Collaborative
Nexus Health Strategies
The Pulse Group
Tillamook Estuaries Partnership
Deschutes Partnership
Preston Thompson Guitars
McLaren Hart
City of Bend
Housing Works
Zosel Harper Realtors

Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens
Rover Rehab of WI
Sublime Creative Agency
Frontier Scientists
Deschutes River Conservancy
Deschutes Land Trust
Crooked River Watershed Council
Upper Deschutes Watershed Council
Sierra Club (pro bono)
Sisters CATS (pro bono)
Family Access Network (FAN) (pro bono)
Sisters School District
Buckboard Provisioning Co.
Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce
Waste Fibre Recovery
South Valley Disposal & Recycling
Fun in the Saddle (FITS) Inc.
Training Matters