Erin smiling on couch

“It can be a struggle to integrate a content marketing consultant into a marketing team, especially for a tech startup like ours that is breaking new ground while running lean. Merry Ann got quickly up to speed on our AI and data analytics technology and consistently delivers quick turns on projects. She’s capable of teasing out the essentials we want to convey from everyone from the C-suite to engineers who are in the weeds—and keep it all in the right brand voice. She’s also got a nose for the strategic, offering up new angles and ideas for engaging content across all our channels.”

Erin Olsen / Head of Revenue Marketing / Virtualitics

Robert Hull, Marketing Content Manager at Zeitview

“I can’t recommend Merry Ann Moore enough! She is hands down one of the most exceptional copywriters I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Her ability to dive into new and intricate topics with ease is simply unmatched. Whether it’s industry research, crafting captivating content, strategic thinking, or sweating the smallest of details, Merry Ann consistently blows me away.

“When it comes to developing blog content strategies, Merry Ann is a true rockstar. She effortlessly weaves our corporate messaging into her copy, creating a seamless and engaging experience. Her talent doesn’t stop there – she’s a pro at interviewing people from all walks of life and producing incredible content for various platforms like trade publications and earned media.

“If you’re looking for a copywriter who can bring life to your projects, Merry Ann is the one! Her exceptional capabilities and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly make a significant impact on your organization’s success. Trust me when I say, you’ll be lucky to have her on your team. Get ready for some seriously phenomenal work!”

Robert Hull / Marketing Content Manager / Zeitview

Rebecca Wilson, Skyward

“Merry Ann is a pleasure to work with and a total pro. She provides well-researched, well-written content under tight deadlines. Thanks to her depth of experience, her approach is consistently strategic in terms of SEO, demand gen, and the marketing lifecycle. It’s not hard to find somebody to write an okay blog article; Merry Ann is the only consultant I’ve found who truly understands the marketing context in which her projects will be used. As an added bonus, she’s always pushing us to be more creative and explore tactics that we haven’t previously. She is an essential member of my content team!”

Rebecca Wilson / Senior Content Strategist / Skyward

Kiersten Lawson

“I meet a lot of freelancers so it’s easy for talented people to blur a bit in my brain. Not Merry Ann — she stood out from the first time we met, by asking a creative and insightful question that stuck with me and demonstrated the energy, savvy and drive that’s made her a great partner for our business for over a year now. Merry Ann has been the core editorial owner of a couple key blog programs, managing a small bench of writers, ensuring they have the access to experts, building block materials and project management support needed to produce top-notch content. She editorially reviews all the posts and complementary social media content to enhance their impact, interest, and adherence to the content brief as well as to brand voice and style guidelines. She collaborates closely with the content strategy and client management leads on the programs, as well as with many other stakeholders and colleagues contributing to the programs. The programs have thrived under her editorial oversight, and Merry Ann’s focus on storytelling excellence and to suggesting continual improvements and enhancements is greatly valued. Merry Ann’s also done a great job “reading the room” and determining when to weave in strategic consulting atop editorial execution — or when to just execute according to the ask at hand (or when to tread a middle path). Beyond those programs, she pitches in on line editing, proofreading, developmental editing and rewrites, and writing projects on a variety of other client work on an ad hoc basis. I appreciate how available and flexible she makes herself to our often surprise and quick-turn editorial needs. Last, Merry Ann’s just a delightful and energetic presence in our offices when she works on site, and an all-around presence for good on our team. I highly recommend partnering with her on editorial and strategic content needs!”

Kiersten Lawson / Custom Content Editorial Director / WE Communications

Stephen Achilles, CEO, Exceed Enterprises

“Merry Ann led our leadership team through an effective process to develop a new tagline, mission and vision statement for Exceed Enterprises. I have been through this process many times and spent far too much money for a mediocre outcome. Her structured approach got us to a better outcome, faster and less expensively than anyone else we have ever worked with. If you are looking to update your brand I highly recommend working with Merry Ann.”

Stephen Achilles / CEO / Exceed Enterprises

Nicole Strong, OFRC

“We have worked with Merry Ann on a couple of different projects, and she has always exceeded our expectations. She was able to work with our stakeholder groups, which represent a diverse array of values, cultures, and responsiveness. She was patient, detailed, thorough, and always timely in delivery of her products. I appreciated her willingness to work within our limits and understanding of the complexity of our process. She helped us articulate our messages beautifully, and in a manner that resonated not only with our diverse membership, but with the community at large. I recommend her highly!”

Nicole Strong / Assistant Professor (Practice), College of Forestry / Oregon State University

Brian Capp, Vice President of Marketing, Les Schwab Tires

“Content can be tricky and finding a good copywriter is not easy. Merry Ann has proven herself as reliable and someone who can take on difficult subjects and wordsmith them so the public can easily understand the subject. She is professional and we are proud to work with her.”

Brian Capp / VP, Marketing / Les Schwab Tire Centers

Christina Briggs, Marketing Director, U of KY College of Law

“Merry Ann’s expertise in digital marketing was essential to the success of our market research project. She provided us solid feedback for short-term and long-term goals in our marketing initiatives. Although our project was large in scope and contained many layers, Merry Ann provided us with a list of items we could quickly accomplish that would make an immediate impact in our social media and marketing efforts. We are excited to further implement her insightful recommendations.”

Christina Briggs / Director of Marketing / U of KY College of Law

Sheryl Pardo Urban Institute

“Merry Ann Moore was our first choice to work with on a large communications project that had broad guidelines, multiple objectives, no template, a tight budget and strenuous, inflexible deadlines. She first provided excellent tactical guidance on writing a successful six-figure proposal for a large government agency with regulatory oversight of the financial services industry. Once the project began, she provided storytelling direction, developed written content and identified appropriate images and formatting ideas to make a 200-page Program Guide more reader-friendly. For the related website, she defined site architecture, identified keyword phrases and wrote meta descriptions, including intuitive search features and navigation menu.

Merry Ann quickly and eagerly responded to any new challenge or bump in the road with creativity and enthusiasm, making working with her on a complicated project both enjoyable and efficient. She regularly identified critical tasks remaining undone or problems that might arise before we thought of them—providing us with potential solutions she could implement. When a particular task was outside of her skill set, she was able to draw from a deep network of talented colleagues to find us the right expert to get the work done.”

Sheryl Pardo / Associate Director of Communications / Housing Finance Policy Center, Urban Institute

Jeff Davies Proxense

“Merry Ann is a talented marketing professional who leads a process which yields strong results oriented around company and product positioning in addition to generating buzz and traffic flow from prospective customers.”

Jeff Davies / Director, Sales & Outreach / Cleveland Clinic Imaging Institute

Lisa Phipps Tillamook Estuaries Partnership

“Merry Ann was subcontracted by Leapfrog to work on our marketing plan. It was well thought out, reflected our organization and pulled together everything that we do and need to do into one easy to read document. She did a great job for us!”

Lisa Phipps / Executive Director / Tillamook Estuaries Partnership

Preston Thompson Guitars communications strategy support

“Merry Ann helped us get off the ground from fledgling startup to a soon-to-be profitable company. She pushed us to think outside the box and really got us thinking about a comprehensive communication strategy. She was most instrumental in developing content and a ‘pitch’ for our instruments–high-end acoustic guitars. The work included

  • Embellishing our business plan in terms of quality content and ‘pizzazz,’
  • Updating content for the second iteration of our website,
  • Initiating a periodic newsletter,
  • Publishing occasional news releases,
  • Helping us think through an advertising strategy,
  • And above all, writing quality content for all of our outreach.

Our instruments are of the highest quality and therefore demand a high price. Merry Ann worked to understand what made us special and how we delivered value. That was key to building the brand. Our growth is definitely attributable to the combination of a wonderful product and a great, great message that resonates in the market.”

Dan Stewart / Partner / Preston Thompson Guitars

Carolyn Albertazzi Albertazzi Law Firm

“Thank you for your help in creating our tagline.  It was a positive experience and we are very excited about the results!”

Carolyn Albertazzi / Administrator / Albertazzi Law Firm

Molly Renner Sublime Creative Agency

“As an agency owner, it is important for me to work with like-minded partners who believe in quality work and high ethical standards, and exude positive energy with our clients.  Merry Ann is a talented writer and a pleasure to work with. She’s a great asset to our team.”

Molly Renner / President / Sublime Creative Agency

“You guys are doing a great job – the embedded videos and rich content are really making this an interesting blog. Thanks!”

Scott Levin / Online Editor / Anchorage Daily News

“You guys are really creative! Thanks for the subtle humor.”

Customer / Flexcar

“Thanks for writing a press release with enough information to support a story. Talk about refreshing sights: a press release with substantive information in it.”

David Fisher / Reporter / Bend Bulletin

Brad Chalfant Deschutes Land Trust

“Merry Ann Moore of Moore Creative is an extremely talented, creative and resourceful marketing consultant. She had her hands full, trying to tease out a common storyline for four successful, but very different conservation organizations that sought to partner and go jointly down a path that individually, they couldn’t go. Her patience, tenacity and commitment were greatly appreciated by all involved and I’d have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Brad Chalfant / Executive Director / Deschutes Land Trust

Maret Pajutee U.S. Forest Service Sisters Ranger District

“The event went very well–a full house.  I asked people how they heard about it and it was a variety of ways, e-mails, various alerts, community calendars and papers so I think your strategy worked very well. The City, County, and I felt it was a raging success. You were very effective in so many ways with preparing resource materials, posters, and writing the news release for the City. Well done and thank you!!!”

Maret Pajutee / District Ecologist / U.S. Forest Service

Mirla Reyes owner of Tailblazers San Francisco

“I love, love, love the web content! Warm, friendly, spot on, concise. I hear myself – how did you do that??!!!  It was truly a pleasure to work with you.  You made it so easy!”

Mirla Reyes / Owner / San Francisco Tailblazers

Cyndy Cook, Executive Director, Housing Works

“We are in awe of your energy, writing skills, contacts, and follow-through.”

Cyndy Cook / Executive Director / Housing Works

Sue Hildick Chalkboard Project

“My organization has to appeal to people with strongly divergent views, and persuade them to take action on policy reforms. Merry Ann is a terrific resource for organizations with challenging communications assignments. She’s been particularly helpful in using new technology to make us more efficient in how we collect opinions and get the word out about Chalkboard’s work.  I recommend Merry Ann for her ability to keep us in the spotlight and build momentum for our cause.”

Sue Hildick / Executive Director / Chalkboard Project

Christine Jones, Sisters School District board chair

“Merry Ann has amazing energy, passion and perseverance.  The campaign was long and exhausting.  Yet almost every day, she would take in new information, tweak the campaign’s communication strategy, and come up with new ways or twists on the strategy to get the information out to voters.  Given the difficult economy and local opposition to the levy, at many points during the campaign the committee was very pessimistic about its chances of passing.  Yet Merry Ann never let up.  We won by 9 percentage points, and in large part we have Merry Ann’s knowledge, skills and indefatigable effort to thank.”

Dr. Christine Jones / Chair / Sisters School District Board

“I’m happy to report that the resulting rate increase is very satisfactory to us, well up in the range of what we had decided we could accept.  I think that the help you gave us was crucial.  It helped to set the tone for the public debate, and to frame the argument in a more rational sphere.  Our message has gotten through.”

David Wright / Operations / South Valley Disposal & Recycling/Norcal

Bea Armstrong Deschutes River Conservancy

“We are celebrating a huge success today. The Deschutes Partnership was chosen by the Oregon Lottery for its summer statewide ad campaign. Thank YOU for all of the work that you did on getting the brand together for us. This is just a tremendous reflection of all of the work we did a few years back. Much to celebrate. All of the partners have a lot to be proud of  and you, too, for the role you played in this success.”

Bea Armstrong / Director of Communications / The Deschutes Partnership

Ann Richardson, Executive Director, Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

“Merry Ann’s work style and ethic are beyond belief.  She clearly articulates her goals and plans for your project and executes them flawlessly.  I knew exactly what she was doing, when it was accomplished and what the results were.  What a relief to put a project in the hands of someone so capable and talented.”

Ann Richardson / Executive Director / Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Chris Gannon Crooked River Watershed Council

“Merry Ann is strong in organization, schedule adherence, creativity, and level of detail.  I was consistently impressed with the level of creativity and detail in all her work. For these types of projects, the details supremely matter and I never once felt we were missing an option or detail about an option in our decision path.  Merry Ann’s creative skills around marketing, messaging, and branding are exceptional in my opinion.”

Chris Gannon / Director / Crooked River Watershed Council

Jamie Christman

“You are a remarkable advocate not only for your kids but for education at large. Thank you so much for all your help and participation in ‘Visions of Education’ for Talk of the Town.”

Jamie Christmas / Executive Producer / COTV

Darek Staab Trout Unlimited

“Merry Ann has been a great asset in helping me understand the Planning Commission, Board of County Commissioners, the details of the draft County Comprehensive Plan and the public involvement process. Merry Ann is very organized as shown by her outstanding research and writing, where she has used strong science to push for better stewardship of our lands and waters. She has a proven desire to work with a diversity of groups and individuals to share stories and facts to craft messages and campaigns that highlight our unique fish and wildlife populations in the region.”

Darek Staab / Upper Deschutes Initiative / Trout Unlimited

John Lawrence, happy Moore Creative Strategies client

“I just love the work that Merry Ann has done for me. She is super creative and knows what works.”

John Lawrence / Owner / Rover Rehab