Digital Brochure Copywriting

About This Project

Junipero Group is a boutique private equity firm in Bend, Oregon that wanted something different for its signature digital brochure.

To highlight its unique approach to building equity, the company didn’t want the typical case examples, client testimonials, and pictures of serious men in suits.

Teaming with Sublime Creative Agency on design, Moore Creative conducted brainstorming sessions, reviewed competitors’ approaches, and took a crisp approach to the content, in keeping with the client’s declarative style.  The final piece leverages the spectacular surroundings of Junipero’s headquarters city, a nice contrast to the big city headquarters of most private equity firms.

Junipero Group digital brochure copywriting

Project Summary

Junipero Group is a boutique private equity firm with a select clientele and a different approach to the business. They wanted a digital brochure that would stand out with a highly visual approach to storytelling.