11 Tools and Tactics to Make Your Content Visual in 2014

11 Tools and Tactics to Make Your Content Visual in 2014

In 2000, there were fewer than eight million websites. Today there are more than 750 million.  Consumers are exposed to an overwhelming 5,000 brand messages a day.

To rise above this noise level, organizations must publish content useful to your audiences that tells your story with fewer words.  Content featuring compelling images averages 94% more total views than that without (PRNews).

Make it your resolution to do more with video, infographics, motion graphics, photos, and slideshow presentations.  Here are some tools and tactics for telling your story with visual content for better SEO, engagement and conversion.

1.  For businesses with brick and mortar locations, get on Google Business Photos.  Like Google Streetview for the inside of your business.  Still photos and panoramas of your shop will be featured on a “see inside” tab on your Google+ page.  You can also embed the tour on a Facebook tab and on your website.  I hear the cost can be as little as $45, and you own the photos after the shoot.  Only Google-certified photographers may take the photos; here’s a list.  Superb for SEO.


2.  Use Storify to create shareable news and blog posts that incorporate everything from Tweets to YouTube comments.  Easily curates content from media sources across the web. http://www.gaylordllc.com/how-to-use-storify-to-effectively-amplify-your-brand-news-or-an-event/
3.  Annotate screen shots: http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html  (used in the photos above) and http://evernote.com/skitch/.
4.  Use Mural.ly to collaborate on a mural that maps out your content.  Like Google Docs for visual people.
5.  To encourage clicks on websites, use graphics that look like buttons, not text.  And don’t use text that is a muted color or not underlined.  Put your CTA right in the button, and make the button BIG.
6.  Enhance photos or images with http://pixlr.com/ or http://www.sumopaint.com/www/.
7.  Do the same on mobile: edit/add effects to photos with Instagram, Facebook Camera, Flickr mobile or these apps.
8. Make timelines visually interesting and interactive with Dipity.
9. Create infographics.  In addition to providing a tool for static images, Infogr.am is developing what they claim is the world’s first video infographic generator.  Piktochart provides templates for creating infographics.
10.  Create memes and edit photos at http://memegenerator.net/create/instance or the Google+ Photo Editor (must have a Google+ account).
11.  See HubSpot’s excellent guide: http://offers.hubspot.com/marketers-crash-course-in-visual-content-creation

Wishing you a prosperous and highly visible New Year!

Merry Ann Moore

I'm a born creative trapped in an analytic's body. My work has spanned comms, content marketing, web development, branding, and political organizing. I will talk your ear off about Serie A, the Portland Thorns, croissants aux amandes, the latest thing my dog rolled in, and the genius of David Byrne.

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