Four Truths to Make You Feel Better About Feeling Behind in Social Media

Four Truths to Make You Feel Better About Feeling Behind in Social Media

You know how when a new thing comes along, and no matter how bleeding edge it is, there are always some people who are already really good at it? 

Like the first half-pipe snowboarders with their 720 air to fakie McTwists, or girls who always have to seem just the right hair to pull off the latest style, or (to completely date myself), those early Central Park inline skaters with their boom boxes and bad selves?

Some days that’s the way working in social media feels.  Can we ever keep up?

Case in point: I recently needed to select a suite of online collaborative tools for a client with committee-based decision-making.  So after attending a local tech group session, and following a discussion on the LinkedIn Solo PR Pros Group  (great resource btw!), I had the following completely overwhelming list:

What to do?  Sink at least a day into researching the best match, create a spreadsheet comparing features and costs, get opinions from experts?

I was helped along in my answer by a refreshing new book written by William Powers,  Hamlet’s Blackberry.  Thesis: the always-connected lifestyles we’re leading are actually resulting in disconnection–from any meaningful inner life, from the charms of family life, from tranquility.  We therefore need to find ways to keep some distance between our wired and unwired lives.

Of the many great suggestions Powers puts forth to help readers find a balance between a wired world and a life lived deeply, here’s my favorite:

At a chain supermarket where we often shop, digital screens have been installed everywhere, blaring nonstop ads.  Sometimes, when nobody’s looking I reach up and flick one off.

My takeaway is that each of us needs to decide how much is humanly possible to stay current with social media.  And here are Four Truths to Make You Feel Better About Feeling Behind in Social Media.

  1. There is no such thing as being “done.”  There is always another link to a useful report, video, blog, Tweet.  There is always new content you should be creating–and it should have been up yesterday. 
  2. Tomorrow there will be a new “must” app.  Also, the day after that.  And the following day. 
  3. Most of us will always be a little behind. 
  4. The debt we owe to the folks who actually are out in front is simple to repay: give them lots of Likes, Forwards, Comments and Retweets. 

Any more you want to add?

P.S. So what is the best online collaborative tool for managing projects with multiple vendors or decisionmakers?   I went with Google Docs.

Merry Ann Moore

I'm a born creative trapped in an analytic's body. My work has spanned comms, content marketing, web development, branding, and political organizing. I will talk your ear off about Serie A, the Portland Thorns, croissants aux amandes, the latest thing my dog rolled in, and the genius of David Byrne.

  • Merry Ann Moore
    Posted at 08:56h, 12 March

    Thanks for the tip, Jacque. Mavenlink looks like an interesting online collaborative tool for teams of people. Like the way it incorporates Google+ Hangouts.

  • Jacque
    Posted at 22:47h, 11 March

    How about Have you tried to check that site? It’s pretty cool to especially for project collaboration, budgets, time tracking, and invoicing in one place. Our team is using it and so far we really like it. They also have a new press release that businesses of all sizes will have now free unlimited access to the workplace which unleashes the power of today’s workforce.

  • carey tosello
    Posted at 15:46h, 02 December

    The hope is that social media will deliver relevant content so we can cut thru the clutter. Of course they would need a complete personal profile on each of us!

  • Herminia Begen
    Posted at 10:55h, 08 September

    I’m a student just trying to learn more about the PR industry and I really enjoyed your post. Keep up the great job!