Case example: website update to improve online marketing

Case example: website update to improve online marketing

Small business Good as Gold K9 had noticed a drop-off in website traffic.   They wanted to know what was wrong, generate more visits, and capture sales leads. Moore Creative identified new search-engine-optimized keyword phrases, created concise content, added calls to action to improve conversion, and made other SEO recommendations as part of a website redesign.  The new site makes the most of visual storytelling to sell dog training services.  And the company moved from sixth to first in direct search rankings.

New Home page


Content that emphasizes visual storytelling



Short, concise website content that’s easy to read



Calls to action and engagement to get sales leads



Focusing content on solving the customer’s problem


Merry Ann Moore

I'm a comms pro who brings the romance and excitement of digital to the old standbys. Like just picking up the phone and calling a reporter after retweeting a story. I cover the waterfront (communications strategy, content marketing, web content, branding, email marketing, more) but don't pretend to be an expert in it all. After work, I'm probably cycling, walking the dogs, chaturanga-ing or watching international soccer or the USWNT. Pet peeve: overuse of the word "passionate" in every business profile you read.

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