About my Herd-of-Mouth blog

About my Herd-of-Mouth blog

Lessons in Social Media from the Barn

One of the new media gurus I follow has summed up what we need to know about marketing in the social media age this way:


I’ve found there’s no better place to illustrate this credo than the barn where I hang out.  The animals there are a living, breathing tableau of the power of word-of-mouth–and the pitfalls of being too brash.  They are supremely good arbiters of what’s news–and what’s not.  They daily act out the advantages–and downside–of early adoption.

Check in for occasional lessons in social media from the barn here.  I hope you’ll find the cast of characters as entertaining and informative as I do.

Merry Ann Moore

I'm a comms pro who brings the romance and excitement of digital to the old standbys. Like just picking up the phone and calling a reporter after retweeting a story. I cover the waterfront (communications strategy, content marketing, web content, branding, email marketing, more) but don't pretend to be an expert in it all. After work, I'm probably cycling, walking the dogs, chaturanga-ing or watching international soccer or the USWNT. Pet peeve: overuse of the word "passionate" in every business profile you read.

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