Web Content for Small Business

About This Project

A longstanding small business wanted to diversify beyond its core service—forest hazardous fuels reduction and ecosystem restoration—by increasing wood products sales. This meant expanding the existing customer base—state, federal and private forest land managers—to reach domestic and international prospects in a position to make large-scale orders:

  • Brokers/sales purchasing agents for commercial industrial users and retailers.
  • Independent or coop agricultural users.
  • Buyers/managers of large industrial farms.
  • Lumber stores and brokers.

Merry Ann was engaged to develop content for Quicksilver Contracting’s new website to meet these goals. In addition to boosting sales for posts and poles, saw logs, telephone poles, non-saw material, log home materials and more, an important objective for the new site was recruiting employees.

Quicksilver Contracting key selling points

Quicksilver wanted a low-maintenance site, developed on a modest budget. Merry Ann helped the company define brand voice and key competitive distinctions. Site content, visuals and navigation are provided in a hierarchy that puts key messaging front and center. They also convey a friendly, welcoming feel.

Project Summary

Web content for a longstanding small business expanding a line of business.

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