Branding for a Nonprofit

About This Project

As part of a pivot necessitated by new regulations, Exceed Enterprises sought to update its brand with a new tagline, mission and vision statement. The organization provides jobs, training and life enrichment opportunities for the disabled. Exceed also provides flexible, supervised workforces comprised of workers of all abilities to businesses.

Exceed workers on assembly line

A key challenge was to use language that was both accessible to all Exceed stakeholders and compelling for prospective business clients. Moore Creative Strategies led a collaborative process with internal stakeholders to:

  • Define what the brand stands for.
  • Develop a brand architecture.
  • Create a one-page message platform.
  • Create a new tagline.

A branding scoping session helped the team discover their brand’s meaningful difference—Challenges Accepted—and create a framework for the new tagline, Vision and Mission.


Exceed Enterprises old tagline


Exceed Enterprises tagline - after




Exceed Enterprises Vision Mission - before



We believe in possibility. Our well-managed work teams are a competitive solution for companies with changing models of employment. We connect individuals to fulfilling work and play in their communities. We’ve got answers for people of all abilities.



We help people of all abilities exceed expectations.


Project Summary

A nonprofit providing a broad range of services to connect the disabled with work and community needed to revamp its messaging.


"Merry Ann led our leadership team through an effective process to develop a new tag line, mission and vision statement for Exceed Enterprises. I have been through this process many times and spent far too much money for a mediocre outcome. Her structured approach got us to a better outcome, faster and less expensively than anyone else we have ever worked with. If you are looking to update your brand I highly recommend working with Merry Ann." Stephen Achilles / CEO / Exceed Enterprises

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