B2B Content for an AI Data Analytics Firm

About This Project

AI data exploration firm Virtualitics sought to introduce its pioneering data analytics approach to multiple commercial markets. Merry Ann supported the company as it built a content engine targeting the awareness and consideration customer journey phases. Topics focused on how Virtualitics’ technology can solve problems in cybersecurity, supply chains, ecommerce and financial services. And improve business decision-making in general. Work included:

AI generated image of 3D data visualization

  • Making a complex technology that marries generative AI, no-code AI dataset analysis, 3D visualization, and virtual reality accessible to general business audiences.
  • Collaborating with product marketing and revenue marketing leaders on content strategy.
  • Positioning Virtualitics executives as thought leaders via contributed articles, social media posts and blog posts.
  • Interviewing execs and SMEs to tease out new stories.
  • Repurposing content in multiple formats and across channels, maximizing content development value.
  • Copywriting a wide ranges of assets: ebooks, blog posts, contributed articles for AI trade publications, email nurture campaign content, and press releases.

Project Summary

Content development and content strategy for an AI data analytics company targeting new markets


“It can be a struggle to integrate a content marketing consultant into a marketing team, especially for a tech startup like ours that is breaking new ground while running lean. Merry Ann got quickly up to speed on our AI and data analytics technology and consistently delivers quick turns on projects. She’s capable of teasing out the essentials we want to convey from everyone from the C-suite to engineers who are in the weeds—and keep it all in the right brand voice. She’s also got a nose for the strategic, offering up new angles and ideas for engaging content across all our channels.”

Erin Olsen / Head of Revenue Marketing / Virtualitics

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